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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical work can at times be more complex than traditional residential work so choosing the correct certified electrician with the proper experience is crucial to your businesses prosperity, both during the current work and months and years later as any delays and downtime can result in significant expenses.

Safe and Sound Connections has years of experience in any of your electrical needs. Not only that, but we have multiple partnerships with other required work you might need. Painters, plumbers, disaster restoration and more. Whatever size your project is, you’ll be in good hands with the Safe and Sound team.

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We offer a full range of commercial electrical services.

Contact us to discuss your project needs. Our team will work with you to get your project done on time and within budget.


  • Commercial and multi-unit installation
  • Service contracts and calls
  • Elevators and lifting systems
  • Energy Management Systems
  • New construction projects
  • Remodel and renovation
  • Tenant Upgrades


  • Telecommunications and data cabling
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Stand-by Generators
  • Energy Efficient installations/upgrades
  • Server Room Installations
  • Primary and secondary power distribution
  • Corporate, Office, Restaurants, Retail and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an energy management system?

An energy management solution monitors a facility’s electricity usage, identifies inefficiencies, and pinpoints threats to reliability. By reducing energy waste and operating costs, you make room in your budget for other areas of business, such as marketing and salaries. An energy management system can also improve the environment for employees, which can in turn increase their productivity and overall well-being.

Does my organization need a standby generator?

A standby generator – also known as a backup generator – is a backup electrical system that will kick in within seconds of a power outage and is safer, more dependable and less expensive than a portable generator. A standby generator is particularly important if your organization relies heavily on an internal server or database for its operations, relies on food refrigeration units or is part of a supply chain that can’t afford interruption. Larger buildings may need to provide emergency power to ventilation systems, elevators and other essentials.

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Once you’ve made the decision to have electrical work done, it’s time to hire the right person for the job and that’s not a general contractor or freelance electrician but a Licensed Electrical Contractorthe only business legally authorized to do electrical work in your home in Ontario (with exceptions that include HVAC installers).

Safe and Sound Connections is a Licensed Electrical Contractor and a member of the Electrical Safety Authority. 

ESA is Ontario's electrical safety regulator and is committed to protecting consumers from the serious risks associated with faulty electrical work.


Did you know electricians are not permitted to perform work for hire unless they are employed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor? Electrical services performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor ensure the work complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

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