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Residential Electrical Services

When you are looking for the right electrician for your new home or renovation, you want to make sure you partner with a dependable and reliable company that will complete the project on time, on budget and with a focus on detail. Safe and Sound has worked with both residential builders and contractors, which gives us plenty of experience in residential projects. Since 1996 we have provided Durham Region and the surrounding area with efficient and reliable service and pride ourselves in providing our customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision.
As certified professional electricians we strive to exceed our customers expectations.



We offer 24-hour service calls for your safety and convenience.

Residential Service Offerings

  • Remodels and Renovations

    Most major remodels and renovation projects – including kitchen, bathroom and basement – require an electrical repair or upgrade. Our electricians have experience in remodelling and renovations and have mastered techniques like snaking wires through finished walls and determining capacity of existing circuits to complete your project safely and effectively.

  • Standby Generators

    A standby generator is a backup electrical system that operates automatically. For some, being inconvenienced by even a single blackout warrants getting a generator but if you live in an area with frequent or lengthy blackouts and property damage and human health issues are very real risks, a standby generator may be a necessity.

  • Smart Home Automation

    A smart home is a relatively new concept that continues to capture lots of attention but what exactly does it mean? It’s a home that’s equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices and/or appliances that can be monitored and managed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection using apps on a mobile or other networked device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Rental Properties

Own rental property?  Our team can handle all of your electrical needs in your residential or commercial rental units. New equipment, wiring or appliance installs, code adherence inspection/assessments, repairs or maintenance – our knowledge and experience gives you peace of mind.

  • Central Vacuum Systems

    Count on us to install your central vacuum system, complete with strategically-placed inlets in central locations so you can vacuum several rooms from one place.

  • Lift Systems

    Are you considering adding a lift system to your home of office? We can help you know how the present electrical set up of you space can accommodate a lift system. Once you have made your selection, our team can install it for you.

  • Faulty and Old Wiring

    If your home was built between the early 1900s and 1940s, it may have knob and tube wiring that may need to be replaced. Some houses built in the 1960s and early 1970s have aluminum wiring instead of the standard copper wire, which is a safety hazard because wiring connections may loosen up over time. Tiny gaps between the wiring and connectors may lead to overheating and possibly fires, especially when appliances and lighting fixtures are plugged into them. We can inspect your home’s wiring to determine if it should be replaced and complete the rewiring if required.

  • Panel and Service Upgrades

    If your home was built before 1960 and still relies on an old-fashioned panel with fuses that burn out and need to be replaced, you likely want to upgrade to an electrical panel with circuit breakers, which can easily be reset with the flip of a switch. Even homes that are 20 years old may benefit from an upgrade to better accommodate today’s electricity needs, which may include high-definition televisions, computers, smart refrigerators and other appliances.

  • Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

    Electrical vehicles are here to stay but finding a public charging station can be a challenge. The solution is a residential EV charging station. Let us help you decide which level of charging you need to protect yourself from a chronically low battery. We also install charging stations in commercial locations.

  • Installing telecommunications and data cabling

    The trend toward working from home has increased the need for the appropriate cabling upgrades to accommodate the increase demands for data and phone systems.  Our team can create a solution that can give you the working digital performance you need without altering the esthetics of your home.

We are proud to say that since 1996, we have  built a long list of loyal customers by giving great service and thoughtful solutions which meet their needs.

Our customers know that there is no job too small for Safe and Sound Connections.  If it matters to our customer, then it matters to us.

So give us a call and let’s chat about how we can help you.



Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I know if my electrical panel needs upgrading?

If your panel is warm to the touch, smells or trips often, it likely requires upgrading. Other warning signs: your lights dim or flicker frequently, you need additional wall outlets and use a lot of power strips or you’re planning a major appliance upgrade or an addition to your home.

Can I hire any electrician to perform electrical work at my home?

The short answer is ‘No.’ All electrical contractors must have a provincial electrical contractor licence to perform electrical work for clients. This is in accordance with Ontario government legislation and is enforced by Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority. All licensed electrical contractors should be able to reference their licence number and it’s your right to ask for it. The legislation helps ensure your safety by ensuring the contractor you hire is qualified, competent and insured.

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Once you’ve made the decision to have electrical work done, it’s time to hire the right person for the job and that’s not a general contractor or freelance electrician but a Licensed Electrical Contractorthe only business legally authorized to do electrical work in your home in Ontario (with exceptions that include HVAC installers).

Safe and Sound Connections is a Licensed Electrical Contractor and a member of the Electrical Safety Authority. ESA is Ontario’s electrical safety regulator and is committed to protecting consumers from the serious risks associated with faulty electrical work.


Did you know electricians are not permitted to perform work for hire unless they are employed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor? Electrical services performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor ensure the work complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.


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